Tommy Devito Salary: How Much Does He Make?

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Tommy DeVito, the undrafted rookie quarterback for the New York Giants, has become a key player in the team’s strategy following injuries to Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor. This article looks into the details of Tommy DeVito salary and contract details, offering insights into his financial and professional journey in the NFL.

Tommy DeVito’s College Career: Laying the Foundation

Tommy DeVito’s football journey began at Syracuse University, where he displayed promising talent. He made a significant impact during his college career, achieving a career-high of 2,650 passing yards and an impressive 69.9% completion rate in one season. These achievements laid the groundwork for his entry into professional football.

Undrafted but Not Unnoticed: DeVito’s Entry into the NFL

Despite his commendable college career, DeVito was not picked in the 2023 NFL draft. However, the New York Giants recognized his potential and signed him as an undrafted free agent. This decision by the Giants underscores the league’s recognition of talent beyond the draft process.

Tommy Devito Salary and Contract Details with the New York Giants

Tommy DeVito’s entry into the Giants came with a three-year contract, an opportunity that carries both financial stability and professional challenges.

Contract Specifics

  • Initial Signing: DeVito received a signing bonus of $10,000 and a guaranteed base salary of the same amount upon joining the Giants.
  • 2023 Salary: His contract for 2023 includes a base salary of $750,000, with the total earnings for the year reaching $760,000 when including his signing bonus.
  • Future Earnings: Looking ahead, DeVito’s salary is set to increase in the subsequent years of his contract, with $915,000 due in 2024, and $1,030,000 in 2025.

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Salary Cap Impact and Weekly Earnings

DeVito’s contract has specific implications for the Giants’ salary cap. His cap hit is approximately $416,667 for the 2023 season. Notably, if he remains on the active roster, his earnings could be around $44,000 per game.

Contextualizing DeVito’s Contract in the NFL Landscape

In the broader context of the NFL, DeVito’s salary aligns with the league’s rookie minimum of $750,000 for a full 17-game season. This positioning in the pay scale highlights the varied financial landscapes for players in the NFL, particularly for those entering as undrafted free agents.

Tommy DeVito’s Performance Metrics

DeVito’s entry into the NFL was closely watched, and his statistics provide insights into his impact on the field:

  • Passing Accuracy: DeVito has shown a promising start with a 62.9% completion rate in his passes.
  • Total Passing Yards: Accumulating 697 yards, DeVito demonstrates potential in advancing the Giants’ offensive play.
  • Touchdowns and Interceptions: With 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, his ability to secure points while minimizing turnovers is evident.

Contractual Implications Tied to Performance

DeVito’s contract with the Giants links his financial earnings with on-field performance, a common practice in NFL contracts:

  • Game-by-Game Earnings: DeVito earns approximately $44,000 per week for each game he is on the active roster.
  • Potential Earnings: Given the structure of his contract, consistent performance can significantly boost his earnings above the base salary of $750,000.

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Comparative Performance Analysis with Other NFL Quarterbacks

  • Tommy DeVito’s Performance: DeVito has shown a solid start in his NFL career. Notably, in a prime-time performance, he completed 17 of 21 passes for 158 yards and a touchdown, along with 71 yards on the ground. This performance demonstrates his ability to effectively lead the team under pressure.
  • Comparison with Other Quarterbacks: For instance, quarterbacks like Tua Tagovailoa, C.J. Stroud, and Brock Purdy have posted impressive statistics. Tagovailoa, for instance, has thrown for 3,697 yards with a 70% completion rate. Stroud has accumulated 3,631 passing yards with a 62.4% completion rate, and Purdy has a 70.2% completion rate with 3,553 passing yards.

Earnings Context in the NFL

The NFL’s rookie minimum salary is set at $750,000 for a full 17-game season. Undrafted players like DeVito often start with salaries around this minimum, with opportunities for increases based on performance and experience. In comparison, high draft picks and established quarterbacks can command significantly higher salaries, often in the tens of millions per year.

Last Words

While DeVito’s current earnings are in line with the expected range for undrafted rookies, his future in the NFL could see a significant financial progression, contingent upon his performance and development as a player. This trajectory is common in the NFL, where initial contracts often reflect a player’s entry status, with the potential for growth based on performance and demand.

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