Dolphins vs. Bills

 Despite a tough loss to the Ravens, the Dolphins are expected to put up a strong fight against the Bills, who are vying for the AFC East title. The game is seen as a close contest with the Dolphins having a slight edge.

Steelers at Ravens

The Ravens are expected to rest key players for the playoffs, but their depth and home advantage still make them a strong contender against the Steelers.

Bears at Packers

VThe Bears have been performing well and could pose a significant challenge to the Packers, who need a win for playoff hopes.

Cowboys at Commanders

The Cowboys aim to secure the NFC East title but face a challenging road game against the Commanders.

Falcons over Saints

The Falcons are unpredictable, but they might pull off an upset against the Saints, impacting playoff implications.

Buccaneers over Panthers

 The Buccaneers are expected to overcome the Panthers easily, especially with Baker Mayfield leading Tampa Bay.

Texans at Colts

With C.J. Stroud back, the Texans are predicted to have a strong game against the Colts.

Browns at Bengals

The Bengals are favored to win against the Browns, who are preparing for the playoffs.

Vikings at Lions

The Lions are expected to win against the Vikings, who have been struggling with quarterback issues.

Jaguars at Titans

The Jaguars, with a solid defense and running game, are favored to win against the Titans.