Steelers' Current Position

The Steelers hold a record of 8-8 and are contending for an AFC wild-card spot, currently behind the Patriots and Dolphins who have the same record

Winning Necessity

The Steelers must win their game against Cleveland. A loss in this game would eliminate them from playoff contention

Patriots' Performance Impact

The Steelers need the New England Patriots to lose their game against the Buffalo Bills for a chance at the playoffs

Dolphins' Outcome Relevance

Miami Dolphins must lose to the New York Jets for the Steelers to advance into the playoffs

Conference Record Disadvantage

Pittsburgh's 4-7 record against AFC opponents places them at a disadvantage in tiebreakers involving multiple teams

Head-to-Head Tiebreakers

The Steelers have lost to both the Patriots and Dolphins, losing individual tiebreakers against these teams

Path to 10-7 Record

For the Steelers to finish with a 10-7 record, they need to win their remaining games against Seattle and Baltimore

Jacksonville Jaguars Factor

 The Steelers' playoff hopes are aided if the Jacksonville Jaguars lose or tie one of their remaining games

Colts and Texans' Role

 The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans must not finish with 10 wins. Since they play against each other in Week 18, they both can't reach a 10-7 record

Multiple Playoff Scenarios

There are five different ways for the Steelers to make the playoffs, including a scenario where they can lose to the Ravens in Week 18 but still get in, depending on other teams' performances