Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

Despite a drop in his touchdown percentage and a lack of top-tier receivers, Mahomes remains a dominant force, on track for over 4,400 passing yards

Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals)

Burrow, a $275 million signee, bounced back from early-season injury concerns to lead the Bengals to significant victories, showcasing his potential for another 30-touchdown season​

Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)

Allen's leadership and versatility, with a record of 130 offensive touchdowns since 2020, are crucial for the Bills' Super Bowl aspirations, despite a tendency for turnovers

Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

With a new contract and an improved support cast, Jackson is set for a comeback, offering unmatched dual-threat capabilities despite recent injuries and underwhelming postseason performances

Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles)

Hurts' impressive improvement, especially in passing, led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, making him a formidable quarterback with a high completion percentage and excellent decision-making skills

Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers)

Despite a shaky playoff start, Herbert's exceptional arm talent and potential for over 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns make him a top choice among NFL teams

Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)

 Prescott faced challenges in 2023, leading the league in interceptions and experiencing a decline in efficiency, but remains a strong candidate for a comeback under a new offensive strategy

Tua Tagovailoa (Miami Dolphins)

Tagovailoa excelled in the Dolphins' offense, leading the league in yards per attempt, indicating a high potential if he can overcome past durability issues

Daniel Jones (New York Giants)

 Despite limitations in his throwing, Jones' rushing ability significantly enhances the Giants' offense, and he is expected to see improvements with better targets in 2023

Derek Carr (New Orleans Saints)

 Carr experienced struggles with the Saints but remains a dynamic quarterback capable of improvement, especially with better offensive line support