Felony Charges Dismissed

Three felony sexual battery charges against Jackson Mahomes, brother of Patrick Mahomes, were dismissed by a Kansas judge

Incident Details

 Jackson Mahomes was accused of forcibly kissing and grabbing a woman, the owner of Aspen’s Restaurant, in her office in February 2023

Misdemeanor Battery Charge

Despite the dismissal of felony charges, Jackson Mahomes still faces a misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly pushing a waiter

Victim's Testimony and Surveillance Video

The alleged victim initially claimed the encounter was non-consensual but later stated it was consensual and refused to testify. The incident was captured on surveillance footage

Lack of Cooperation from the Victim

The decision to dismiss the charges was partly due to the lack of cooperation from the alleged victim​

Bond and Release

Jackson Mahomes was arrested in May, released the same day on a $100,000 bond, and prohibited from using illegal substances or alcohol​

Social Media Presence

Jackson Mahomes is a social media influencer with over 1.1 million followers on TikTok and 247,000 on Instagram​

Restaurant Closure

The incident and subsequent publicity led to the closure of Aspen’s Restaurant in August, with the owner citing threats and harassment

Defense's Statement

Jackson Mahomes' attorney has maintained his client's innocence, expressing confidence in the truth being revealed

Past Controversies

 Jackson Mahomes has been involved in previous controversies, such as taunting NFL fans and an incident involving pouring water on fans, contributing to an unsavory reputation among some NFL fans