Yes! Many NFL Kickers Wear Soccer Cleats. Here is Why!

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In the thrilling world of the NFL, every detail matters, especially when it comes to a kicker’s choice of footwear. This article explores the intriguing preference of many NFL kickers for soccer cleats, digging deep into the reasons behind this choice and the popular models favored for their unique needs on the field.

Preference for Soccer Cleats in NFL

Many NFL kickers indeed opt for soccer cleats. The reason behind this preference is primarily related to the design and feel that soccer cleats offer. They provide a greater surface area for ball contact, which is crucial for kickers who need precise control over the ball’s trajectory and power. Soccer cleats are typically designed with a focus on control, agility, and a close feel for the ball, all of which are essential for kickers in football.

Some of the popular soccer cleat choices among NFL kickers include Adidas Predator 20+, Nike Phantom GT Elite FG, Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats, and Under Armour Men’s Magnetico Select Soccer Shoe. Each of these options has unique features, such as laceless designs for clean ball contact (Adidas Predator 20+), lightweight stability (Nike Phantom GT Elite FG), or a thin, flexible upper for control (Under Armour Magnetico Select)

Dual Shoe Preference

It’s not uncommon for kickers to wear two different shoes — one soccer cleat for the kicking foot and a football cleat for the plant foot. This combination offers the optimal balance between control for kicking and stability or grip for planting. The choice of dual footwear is often influenced by factors such as field conditions, personal preference, or past injuries.

Factors Influencing Cleat Choice

Kickers consider several factors when choosing their cleats, such as the cleat’s fit, comfort, material (many prefer leather for its feel and control), stud configuration for traction, and personal preference in terms of brand and model. The fitting of the cleat is particularly crucial, as a well-fitting cleat significantly affects the accuracy and power of kicks.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care of soccer cleats are essential for durability and performance. Regular cleaning, drying, and checking for wear and tear are necessary to prolong the life of the cleats and maintain their effectiveness on the field.

Individual Preferences

While there are popular choices, individual kickers often have personal preferences based on their style, comfort, and performance needs. For instance, some kickers have specific models they favor, like Adidas Copa Mundials or Nike Tiempos, based on their experience and the feel these shoes provide during play.

In conclusion, the choice of cleats among NFL kickers is a combination of professional requirements and personal preference, with many opting for soccer cleats for their superior feel and control, which is critical in achieving precise and powerful kicks.

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