Most Points Scored in an NFL Game: List of Most High Scoring Matches

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In the thrilling world of the National Football League (NFL), the most points scored in an NFL game remain a topic of awe and excitement. This article explores those remarkable games that have set the bar for high scoring, showcasing the offensive prowess and strategic brilliance of the teams involved. From record-breaking totals to unforgettable matchups, we delve into the history and details of the NFL’s most electrifying scoring feats.

Most Points Scored in a Single NFL Game: 113 Points

The most points scored in a single NFL game remains one of the sport’s most incredible feats. This record was set on November 27, 1966, in a face-off between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants. This game ended with the Redskins trouncing the Giants with a staggering score of 72-41, totaling an unprecedented 113 points. This high-scoring affair featured a total of 16 touchdowns: 10 by the Redskins and 6 by the Giants, alongside a field goal by Washington’s kicker Charlie Gogolak. This extraordinary game was played in Washington, D.C., and is remembered for its offensive fireworks.

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Unmatched High Scores in NFL History

1. Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants, 1966 (113 points)

  • Date: November 27, 1966
  • Score: Washington Redskins 72, New York Giants 41
  • Highlights: This game is the pinnacle of scoring in the NFL. The Redskins set a record for the most points by one team in an NFL game, a record that still stands today. This was a game filled with touchdowns, a field goal, and relentless offensive play. The Giants, despite scoring 41 points, were overshadowed by the Redskins’ scoring avalanche.

2. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns, 2004 (106 points)

  • Date: November 28, 2004
  • Score: Cincinnati Bengals 58, Cleveland Browns 48
  • Highlights: This game stands as the second-highest-scoring game in NFL history. It was a thrilling encounter where the Bengals’ Carson Palmer threw for 4 touchdowns, and Rudi Johnson ran for 2 more. The Browns’ Kelly Holcomb responded with 413 passing yards and 5 touchdowns, but the Bengals held on for a remarkable win.

3. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams, 2018 (105 points)

  • Date: November 19, 2018
  • Score: Los Angeles Rams 54, Kansas City Chiefs 51
  • Highlights: This game is famous for being the highest-scoring Monday Night Football game in NFL history. Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff threw for 413 yards and accounted for five touchdowns. Despite a strong performance from Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 478 yards and 6 touchdowns, it was the Rams who clinched the game with a late touchdown.

4. Super Bowl High Scores

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers, 1995 (75 points): This Super Bowl saw the 49ers dominating the Chargers with a final score of 49-26, making it the highest-scoring Super Bowl game to date.
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots, 2018 (74 points): In one of the most exciting Super Bowls, the Eagles defeated the Patriots 41-33. This game is remembered for its back-and-forth scoring and dramatic plays.

5. Recent High-Scoring in a Single Game

  • Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos, 2023 (70 points): The Dolphins’ 70-point game against the Broncos in 2023 is one of the latest additions to the list of high-scoring games. This game highlighted the Dolphins’ offensive prowess and marked them as one of the few teams to score over 70 points in a game.

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Impact of High-Scoring Games on NFL History

Setting Records and Defining Moments

  • Historical Context: The 1966 Redskins vs. Giants game, with its record 113 points, was a defining moment in NFL history, showcasing the potential for high-scoring, offensively dominant games.
  • Individual Performances: Despite the high team scores, these games often did not produce extraordinarily high individual statistics. For instance, in the 1966 record-setting game, Washington quarterback Sonny Jurgensen completed only 10 of 16 passes for 145 yards and three touchdowns.
  • Changing Game Dynamics: These games highlight the evolution of offensive strategies and the increasing focus on high-powered offenses in the NFL.

Last Words

The most points scored in an NFL game is not just a statistic; it represents the exhilarating potential of American football. These games, especially the record-setting Redskins vs. Giants matchup, are testament to the dynamic, unpredictable, and thrilling nature of the NFL. As the sport continues to evolve, these records stand as milestones, challenging future teams to reach new heights in offensive play.

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