Sam Hartman NFL Draft: A Detailed Prospect Analysis

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Sam Hartman, a prominent name in college football, has garnered significant attention as a potential NFL draft pick. His journey from Wake Forest to Notre Dame has been marked by noteworthy achievements and a wealth of experience. As we analyze Hartman’s prospects for the NFL Draft, it’s important to examine his career trajectory, skills, and potential fit in the professional league.

Collegiate Career Overview

  • Wake Forest Tenure: Hartman’s time at Wake Forest was marked by consistent improvement and impressive statistics. His ability to hit every level of the field and orchestrate successful seasons, especially in 2020 and 2021, underlined his prowess as a quarterback.
  • Transfer to Notre Dame: Seeking to elevate his draft stock, Hartman transferred to Notre Dame for an additional year of football. His early performances at Notre Dame showcased his talent, although some subsequent losses slightly affected his draft stock.

Scouting Report and Player Analysis

  • Physical Attributes: Standing at 6’1″ and weighing 210 pounds, Hartman’s physicality is typical for a quarterback. His size and arm strength are considered average, which could impact his performance under pressure in the NFL.
  • Strengths: Hartman’s experience, with 54 career starts at the FBS level, is a significant asset. He exhibits a great pocket presence, can absorb hits well, and is known for his anticipation in throws and high release point.
  • Weaknesses: Challenges include his average arm strength and difficulty improvising outside the pocket, which can lead to accuracy issues under pressure.

Performance and Development

  • Statistical Analysis: Hartman’s performance at Wake Forest showed a clear upward trajectory. In 2021, he completed 299 out of 508 attempts for 4,228 yards, with 39 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Additionally, his ability to enhance his rushing game was evident.
  • Injury and Off-Field Considerations: Hartman’s career was briefly affected by a leg/foot injury in 2018 and a non-football-related medical condition in 2022, but he demonstrated resilience in overcoming these challenges.

Sam Hartman NFL Draft Projection and Potential

  • Draft Status: Given the depth of talent in the quarterback position for the upcoming draft, Hartman is projected to be a late fourth-rounder or a fifth-rounder.
  • Comparative Analysis: In the 2024 draft class, Hartman faces stiff competition from high-profile quarterbacks, but his extensive experience and adaptability to an NFL-style offense make him a viable pick.

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Analyzing Potential NFL Teams for Sam Hartman

New York Giants

  • Current Situation: The Giants, after a challenging start, have been contemplating fortifying their offensive line. Daniel Jones, their quarterback with a recent contract extension, suffered a neck injury, raising questions about the team’s long-term plans at quarterback.
  • Hartman’s Fit: Given his experience and adaptability, Hartman could be a solid choice for the Giants, offering a reliable backup option or potentially competing for a starting role.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Current Situation: The Cowboys, with investments in their quarterback position, have shown interest in diversifying their options. The trade for Trey Lance as Dak Prescott’s backup suggests an ongoing evaluation of their quarterback depth.
  • Hartman’s Potential Role: Hartman’s skill set, particularly his pocket presence and experience, could make him an attractive late-round pick for Dallas, offering depth and competition in the quarterback room.

Chicago Bears

  • Current Situation: The Bears, with potential high picks in the draft due to their own struggles and a trade, have shown signs of building a robust team around Justin Fields.
  • How Hartman Could Contribute: Hartman’s experience and composure could provide valuable depth behind Fields, making him an intriguing option for Chicago in the later rounds.

New York Jets

  • Current Situation: Following an injury to Aaron Rodgers, the Jets’ season and quarterback situation have become more unpredictable.
  • Hartman’s Opportunity: The Jets might look towards drafting a quarterback for future development, making Hartman a potential candidate given his experience and ability to quickly adapt to different offensive systems.

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Detailed Analysis of Hartman’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Experience and Adaptability: Hartman’s 54 career starts at the FBS level make him one of the most seasoned quarterbacks in the draft.
  • Pocket Presence: His ability to anticipate throws and absorb hits, coupled with a high release point, enhances his appeal.
  • Efficiency in the Short Game: Hartman is adept at fitting passes into tight spaces and executing back-shoulder passes and fades.


  • Average Arm Strength: This could limit his ability to make deep throws under pressure.
  • Struggles Outside the Pocket: His accuracy declines when on the run, which could be a significant factor in the fast-paced NFL environment.
  • Age and Physical Limitations: As a potentially 25-year-old rookie, Hartman’s physical attributes are not standout, which might limit his draft range.

Comparative Analysis in the 2024 NFL Draft Class

  • Draft Class Competitiveness: The 2024 NFL Draft is anticipated to be particularly strong in quarterback talent. Notable names like Caleb Williams, Michael Penix Jr., and Bo Nix are expected to be top picks, placing Hartman in a highly competitive environment.
  • Hartman’s Rank Among Peers: Hartman is projected to be a late fourth-rounder or a fifth-rounder, considering his experience and adaptability. However, his average arm strength and challenges in improvisation may affect his ranking against more dynamic quarterbacks in the class.

Sam Hartman’s College Career Statistics and Accomplishments

  • Statistical Overview: During his tenure at Wake Forest and Notre Dame, Hartman has shown a commendable improvement in his playing statistics. In 2021, he completed 299 out of 508 attempts for 4,228 yards with 39 touchdowns. His rushing ability also improved, with 11 touchdowns on 117 carries.
  • Awards and Recognition: Hartman’s performance earned him a place in the Second-Team All-ACC in 2021, highlighting his skills and competitiveness at the collegiate level.

Improving Draft Status: Areas of Focus

  • Refining Skills: Hartman can work on enhancing his arm strength and improvisation skills outside the pocket to increase his appeal to NFL teams.
  • Showcasing Leadership and Resilience: His ability to lead a team and resilience in overcoming injuries and adapting to new environments at Notre Dame will be key factors in elevating his draft stock.

Sam Hartman’s Potential Impact in the NFL

  • Prospective Role in the NFL: Given his attributes, Hartman is well-suited for a role as a reliable backup quarterback, with the potential for development into a starting role in the right system.
  • Long-term Outlook: Hartman’s vast experience, coupled with his adaptability and football IQ, positions him as a valuable asset for teams seeking depth and maturity in their quarterback lineup.

The Bottom Line

Sam Hartman’s journey to the NFL Draft is marked by significant collegiate achievements, a solid set of skills, and the potential to adapt to the professional level. While facing stiff competition in a talented draft class, his experience and resilience make him a compelling candidate for teams looking for depth and reliability in their quarterback roster.

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